audiopineapple (audiopineapple) wrote,

Doctor Who - Ep. 1 Reaction Post

First of all; woah amazing!

Doctor's Death: I knew he'd obviously be coming back somehow but I'm a bit confused as to how they're going to continue once Matt Smith wants to leave. Surely there is going to be the 12th Doctor at some point :/

Amy and Rory: I thought Amy was pregnant initially but I'm not 100% sure that she is as River also felt ill after seeing the creatures. I'm wondering if it is some sort of mind trick the creatures play on them, or if the creatures are somehow impregnating them but I'm leaning towards the first theory more than the second one.

River: Yay River! I've been having a season five marathon to get prepared for tonight, even though I should be getting my uni work done as my second year ends in a month (eep!) and I've just realised how awesome she is.If I can find my PSPX disc anywhere to reinstall it on the new hard drive I'll make some icons of her. I loved the throw-back line to River/10, it was really clever writing. I also think I'm starting to ship River/Amy a bit but that's the femslash-obsessed side of my brain talking.

Canton: I want him to be a companion! I'm wondering why he left the FBI; I'm guessing the illegal marriage means he's either gay or in love with someone of a different ethnicity (or both). Interracial marriage was legalised in 1967 in the US though so that is probably out of the window, although Nixon is president and it is well known that he thought interracial children should be aborted and as the FBI work for him so he might have left instead of rocking the boat?

Creatures: I love the idea of them! It might just be because I saw the Weeping Angels two-parter earlier but I love how they are pretty much reversed - these ones only exist when you see them (in a manner of speaking).

Astronaut: Didn't expect it to be the kid at the end but is anyone else thinking now that River is the astronaut at the beach? She said in season five that she was in jail for killing a great man, the best she ever knew, but it does seem a very obvious choice for a show that likes to trick you. A wilder version would be it being a future version of himself but I can't see how that would work if they burnt his body unless he was faking his death and regenerated on the boat?
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