audiopineapple (audiopineapple) wrote,

FFS Subconcious

Had a horrible nightmare last night, I've had dreams in the past where my parents have died but last night, at 24, I finally had my first dream where I died and I'd rather not have another one :(

I went into the kitchen of my flat and the sink was different (two big bowls, not one big and a garbage disposal bowl.) One had the plug in so I pulled the plug out and started running the tap. All of a sudden I realised that the water was coming out the tap faster than it went down the sink and literally within two seconds the kitchen was filled from floor to ceiling with water.

Now, in real life, I can't swim and I couldn't in my dream either. In another two seconds the entire flat was filled, every single room and I tried to move towards the door but I couldn't work out how to swim and drowned. From turning on the tap to dying took me about 8 seconds. Obviously then I woke up.

So, anyone else had any very good or very bad dreams recently?
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