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Guess what I did the for the first time today? Earned money! Okay, I didn't earn much but on Sunday it is enrolment day for CISM faculty and, as I was a student rep last year, I've been invited to help out at £7.50 an hour. Also, to help out with induction Monday through Wednesday! So, I go to a meeting today to find out when we meet up (be at uni by 8.30 Sunday morning) and we get told that when we fill in our time sheets to put down the meeting as time worked.

Yay! This means that I've just earned money. At long last! I'm 24 next month but until last year I was in a ridiculously small village (so small that just one of the many halls of residence for uni has almost double the amount of people in it that my home village does) and couldn't drive and the busses were so bad that it was impossible to get to Norwich to work in either the early morning, the early evening, the late evening, the night, or any time at the weekend. I was enrolled on a job seekers course a couple of years back where they got people unpaid internships and then, if the seeker impressed enough, they would be employed. Do you know what they told me then? That I lived so out of the way that they weren't going to look for anything for me because they couldn't fit work around my bus schedule. I eventually ended up at Oxfam, which was nice, but was still just voluntary work and I'd left voluntary work to go to the course in the first place!

However, it was a good job I went on the course because I met a couple of guys at Oxfam who were doing a computing course at college and they convinced me to go back to college and that lead to me getting to uni!

Going to have to start looking for placements as soon as I get back - not looking forward to it. It was hard enough explaining in Norwich when they went "you're 20 and you've never had a job?" and that was before the reccession! I'm going to apply like mad though, once I get my cv sorted. After next week I don't have to say that I've only done voluntary work, I can say I've done paid work! Woohoo!
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