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FFS Subconcious

Had a horrible nightmare last night, I've had dreams in the past where my parents have died but last night, at 24, I finally had my first dream where I died and I'd rather not have another one :(

I went into the kitchen of my flat and the sink was different (two big bowls, not one big and a garbage disposal bowl.) One had the plug in so I pulled the plug out and started running the tap. All of a sudden I realised that the water was coming out the tap faster than it went down the sink and literally within two seconds the kitchen was filled from floor to ceiling with water.

Now, in real life, I can't swim and I couldn't in my dream either. In another two seconds the entire flat was filled, every single room and I tried to move towards the door but I couldn't work out how to swim and drowned. From turning on the tap to dying took me about 8 seconds. Obviously then I woke up.

So, anyone else had any very good or very bad dreams recently?
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David Cameron... Fuck Off Back to Eaton

I've been to my first ever protest! It was against the Con-Dem government's cuts in public services (unis, schools, hospitals, benefits, playgrounds, community centres and so on.) I almost didn't make it though, the other day I got soaked to the bone and felt rough when I woke up this morning at half six. I had set my alarm for then because I had to be at uni at 8 to get the bus up to Birmingham. So, I woke up, blinked, and somehow mid-blink I fell asleep because when I opened my eyes, what I thought was one second later, was over an hour later and it was 7:40.

I managed to text the guy who was organising our coach and found out that we weren't leaving at 8, we were meeting up at 8 so I managed to run down, limping a fair bit because yesterday morning I stepped on a broken drinks bottle and a bit of glass stabbed into my heel. Unfortunatly I left the house in three minutes flat and grabbed the first clean top I found, not realising that it was a blue one. Epic face palm!

Whilst waiting for the bus I had my first asthma attack of the day, the bus ride there was pretty uneventful and after a few hours we made it and stood through the pre-march talks where I had another couple of asthma attacks due to a) I wasn't well to begin with, b) it was raining the entire time and c) loads of people were smoking and cigarette smoke is my worst trigger and as we were all in a tight huddle I couldn't get away from the smoke.

Then we started marching and I had an absolute blast. I have been raised since birth to hate the Tories. My grandfather was a miner and his father was a miner so Thatcher is the ultimate swear word in my family. Both my parents were die-hard socialists in their day, my dad still is a socialist, my mum is but to a lesser extent. My sister doesn't give a fuck about politics and declared she wanted "anyone but Labour" to win.

Despite the rain there were over 7000 people there, quite a lot backed out because a) it was a Sunday and b) it was raining but I learnt a whole bunch of chants from the simple "David Cameron... fuck off back to Eaton" and "Tory Scum, out of Brum", though I put it to the people I was with that when they do come out of Birmingham they'll be back down to London with us haha. There was only one violent one, to the tune of that Clemantine song that went "Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, stick the Tories on the top, put the Lib Dems in the middle and we'll burn the fucking lot" and the most complicated probably was "Private companies do not run public services just for fun, bull shit, come off it, they want to make a profit!"

I had a few more asthma attacks on route and at this point I was spiraling, each one I have means it's easier to have the next one, which means it's easier to have the next one and so on. At one point I had a very bad one and the police took me out of the march and sat me down with Cherry, who I met today and is cool and one of the police men went "what's your friend's name" to her and she paniced and went "I don't know, I can't remember" which made me laugh.

Back at my flat now though and I think I might join the Socialist Worker's Party; I used to be Lib Dem but I don't think I could ever vote for them again after the stabbed all of their supporters in their backs with this coalition. The only problem is when there isn't any SWP candidates standing where I can vote, then I'll just vote Labour and Red Ed, who isn't that red but that's besides the point, he's redder than the rest of them lol.

All in all, a brilliant day out, one of the best I've had!
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I Need Someone's Help

Does anyone on here have about five minutes to spare? I need it to be someone who doesn't watch the show Merlin, I run merlin_land and need someone to look at the four team communities and rank them in order of which you would join if you did watch the show. I need it to be someone who hasn't watched it because otherwise the voter could be swayed by their favourite characters so please help!

*crosses fingers*
Doctor Who: 11 (Woah)


I should probably be asleep as it's half two in the morning but I got distracted playing land comm bingo and only made my dinner an hour ago so I'm still eating it. So, as I'm a bit bored, here is a meme, this time it isn't even stolen, I made it up, though feel free to steal it from me (as it has probably been made by dozens of people in the past haha!)

1. Pick a fandom
2. Pick ten names from that fandom and give each of them a random number between 1 and 10
3. Ask your f-list to pick you pairs of numbers
4. Say which numbers you won't write fics for (for instance, no '4/2 or 1/8') but don't say why you won't write them because that could give away which characters were which!
5. Write fics for the pairing that the numbers correspond to!

My fandom: Doctor Who :D

I won't write 1/5, 1/10 or 5/10 - will someone pick me a pair of numbers?
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Guess what I did the for the first time today? Earned money! Okay, I didn't earn much but on Sunday it is enrolment day for CISM faculty and, as I was a student rep last year, I've been invited to help out at £7.50 an hour. Also, to help out with induction Monday through Wednesday! So, I go to a meeting today to find out when we meet up (be at uni by 8.30 Sunday morning) and we get told that when we fill in our time sheets to put down the meeting as time worked.

Yay! This means that I've just earned money. At long last! I'm 24 next month but until last year I was in a ridiculously small village (so small that just one of the many halls of residence for uni has almost double the amount of people in it that my home village does) and couldn't drive and the busses were so bad that it was impossible to get to Norwich to work in either the early morning, the early evening, the late evening, the night, or any time at the weekend. I was enrolled on a job seekers course a couple of years back where they got people unpaid internships and then, if the seeker impressed enough, they would be employed. Do you know what they told me then? That I lived so out of the way that they weren't going to look for anything for me because they couldn't fit work around my bus schedule. I eventually ended up at Oxfam, which was nice, but was still just voluntary work and I'd left voluntary work to go to the course in the first place!

However, it was a good job I went on the course because I met a couple of guys at Oxfam who were doing a computing course at college and they convinced me to go back to college and that lead to me getting to uni!

Going to have to start looking for placements as soon as I get back - not looking forward to it. It was hard enough explaining in Norwich when they went "you're 20 and you've never had a job?" and that was before the reccession! I'm going to apply like mad though, once I get my cv sorted. After next week I don't have to say that I've only done voluntary work, I can say I've done paid work! Woohoo!
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Do You Know What I Wish There Was?

Mainy better now after last night's stupid asthma, about 95% okay, just a little bit out of breath if I walk around a lot but that's not too unusual.

Anyway, onto the subject title - I've been going around, trying to find land comms and there are ones for American networks, like WB and NBC and things but do you know what there needs to be? Someone needs to create a BBC land comm! One for all BBC shows (Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, LOM, A2A and all others as well - old ones and new ones.)

I'd create one myself but I want one to enter rather than to mod it lol. So I bribe anyone reading this to set one up, they are a lot of work but it's not hard work (usually) and they are rewarding to mod and, as there are so many BBC fans that it would be so easy to get people to join!

Anyhow, this should be created (if it already is, link me because I looked the other week and couldn't find one) so spread the word! Surely someone out there in eljay wants to mod a BBC land comm?

EDIT: Screw it, I'm gonna make one lol!
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This evening has not gone too good at all; initially I went out with my mum, dad and nana to go have an Indian (meaning I missed Merlin as it aired, just finished watching it on iPlayer) and we parked the car and went to the pub which was fine, it was crowded because there had been a home game on today and we won 2-1. We then tried one Indian but they were fully booked and to get there from the pub we walked past a car that had something wrong with it, the fumes were terrible and exhaust fumes are one of my worst asthma triggers.

So my asthma was set off, slightly, and then we had to walk back past it to go to another Indian and that really set me off. It was a fair walk to the next place, going past more cars and smokers and I had my inhalor but it just got worse, eventually we got to the place and sat down but the asthma still wasn't settling and after a long wait (it was packed) some stupid bint with perfume on sat on the table next to us and made me even worse (I have nothing against people wearing perfume, of course I don't, but I don't enjoy that some people seem to bathe in the actual stuff) and we had to change our order to a takeaway and came home.

The first attack was just under four hours ago and I still feel like utter shit; a lot of people think that asthma is just getting a tiny bit out of breath but I've had four sets (eight puffs in total) of my inhalors tonight and I'm still breathless, I'll be better soon though, going to try and go to sleep now.

Anyway, onto Merlin which is underneath the cut due to spoilers

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101 things in 1001 days

A lot of stuff has happened in the past couple of days; Moss went to the vet and she's okay but if she has another fit she'll be put on anti-seziure medication, it's strong medication so the vet recommends waiting. Today, my nana has come down for a visit, I haven't seen her since last November so yay!

I have, this evening, created a 101 things to do in 1001 days list which can be found here. I like my list, hopefully I'll be able to get some of them finished, if not all of them. I need help from you guys though, two of my list are the following:

Read 20 books my f-list recommends
Watch 20 films my f-list recommends

So please recommend some, otherwise I can't complete these goals lol!